Your Clientele will enjoy joining ‘The Towelling Revolution’ And You will Love the Way they Fly Off the Shelves!

Are you already a brand selling pure cotton after-shower bathrobes?

A brand aiming at selling sustainably designed products?

A sports club, team, business or establishment?

Would you like to add ConviRobe™ to your product line with your own brand?

Are you already a manufacturer selling bathrobes?

Would you like to add our patented design to your product line?

Are you a retail store?


ConviRobe™ is the Luxurious and Sustainable Way to promote your Mission to both New and Returning Customers

Convirobe™ – The One and Only ‘After-Shower’ Bathrobe with Built-In Hair towels to allow ‘active’ hair drying! Meaning: It is better than a ‘hooded’ robe

[patented design]

It is also the only bathrobe with a mission:

To help everyone change their toweling habits so that both households and hospitality businesses can reduce their bath towel laundry to save money and ‘to lower their environmental footprint’, while enjoying a practical yet luxurious, all-in-one bathroom experience…

Our Current Line in Stock

100% “Aegean” Turkish Cotton


Eight majestic "towel & bathrobe" mutations

They also come in 8 different fun and sophisticated colors for different (“MANnerisms”).


Convirobes™ come ready packed in individual “garment bags”, ready for shipping. They are hung within their own suit bags, together with their Introduction to the ‘toweling revolution’ – a fun ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger mirroring the ongoing marketing campaigns for

#showerpower #towelingrevolution and #Uncommonman

EIGHT MAJESTIC "TOWEL & BATHROBE" MUTATIONS- Ready to order ( Please ask for samples )


Blend into your natural habitat or just let it all hang out— this is the essence of a Commando. And so, my fellow #uncommonman, ask not what ConviRobe can do for you BUT what you...

Flock Star

Off-the-cuff is how you tick—summoning a certain spontaneity that others find undeniable. Permission to rock out with your *shhh* out, G R A N T E D. Made with 100% Aegean Turkish Cotton! Our model...

The Hef

You’ve built your empire. You’re successful, sophisticated and down-right desirable. The musk of the finest single malt seeps through your pores. You can wear rattlesnake boots with a fluffy white hat. When your booty burps,...

Silver Cox

You're a stealth—a tactician on a mission to covertly cloak crown jewels, leaving just the right amount of inner thigh. You are a shade of grey that's uninhibited, unapologetic and utterly sensuous. Made with 100%...


Now you see me. Now you don't— The way of the Manther is instinctual; often elusive but always intentional. Embrace your wild side in a cotton blend that stings the nostrils and makes other kittens...

Purple Reign

You've got an air of extravagance about you—a funk that can't be matched. You're as smooth as velvet. When you enter a room, you're the surge of purple electricity that makes the lovers splurge. Made... Size :

Sultan Of Wings

You are the sovereign of sauciness. You’re worth more than gold, WAIT! NO! You are more precious than life itself. You came to reign, Sultan, spread those wings and squawk your supremacy. Made with 100%...

Vanilla Ice-ing

Yo, VIP, you ready? Then the Vanilla Ice-ing is your Turkish Bathrobe! Made with 100% Aegean Turkish Cotton! Our model is 6ft tall (183cms) and is wearing the <6' sized robe. Something grabs you tightly but...

These one-of-a-kind Bath and Bed wear items will prove a perfect and profitable addition to your existing stock. For corporate details, product liability insurance, and Universal Product Code (UPC) Identification Number(s) .

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