You’ll love to lower your Laundry Costs, your guests will enjoy a luxurious experience with peace of mind, and the planet will thank you for reducing your environmental footprint.

Water scarcity is becoming a humanitarian problem, and already effecting hospitality businesses all around the world! 

And, let's be honest: The argument over whether or not "going green" is really a priority for the hospitality industry is over for several reasons, including customer loyalty, cost savings, and most importantly, ‘environmental impact’.   

Yet still, piles of towels on hotel bathroom floors keep growing, as 90% of the hotel guests want fresh bath towels daily, -if not more often !

WHY? Is it because they are not sure which towel they used for their upper and lower body the previous day?

Or, for those sharing a room, is it because they don’t know who used which towels the previous day?

HOW can we put their minds at rest about where their towels have been before, so that they can use them repeatedly if they are staying for more than one night?

Our Solution

ConviRobe™- An after-shower all-in-one bathrobe to 'gift' your guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

It offers both: A luxury bathrobe that can be worn straight from the shower to dry off the body and a pair of attached hair towels for drying hair and face with confidence.

This is because the smart design of ConviRobe™ gives an exact ‘job description’ for the different parts of this bathrobe, answering the question of “where has this towel been before me?”, putting your guest’s mind at rest!

Having peace of mind, your guests will use ConviRobe™ repeatedly during their stay, so you cut down on your laundry costs on washing bath towels that have only been used once!

Before ConviRobe™

After ConviRobe™

Add some light coaching, and may be a free happy hour drink, ConviRobe™ then goes straight to the back of the bathroom door, ready for the next shower use.

Use them throughout your Spa Swimming Pool, or any other area where guest towel use is difficult to turn around

Brand Convirobes™ for your own business ensuring that they won’t go missing, and can be purchased by guests, adding to your bottom line and offering a Marketing opportunity.

Bath Towels vs ConviRobe™

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