Does your Business rely on Laundry services for your customers?

FINALLY, a luxury product that helps you offer high-end customer service while lowering your towel purchasing and laundry costs, and showcase a greener way of doing business.

ConviRobe™ the only bathrobe in the world with built-in hair towels.


It is also the only bathrobe with a mission, which is:

“To encourage everyone change their toweling habits so that both households and hospitality businesses can reduce their bath towel laundry to save money and to lower their environmental footprint, while enjoying a practical, luxurious, all-in-one bathroom experience”… 



Why do 90% of hotel guests demand daily fresh towels? Offer them peace-of-mind with an upmarket experience they can use repeatedly.


Cut down on laundry costs, reduce staff clean up and prep time and offer Guests a luxurious, practical, fun experience!


Grow your product line and customer base!

Stores & Brands

You will love the way they fly off the shelves!