Convirobe™ – A green and luxurious way to service your customers, and create repeat business.

Spas and other ‘personal services’ businesses know how to care for their clientele because they get to see them – literally – skin deep. Any way that you can personalize their experience with you and make it unforgettable, the more your opportunities for a repeat visit grow.

ConviRobe™ has built-in hair towels that will offer your guests the exact same “active” hair drying experience as regular hair towels, only with more confidence and peace of mind, by answering their question of “where has this towel been before me?”.

An all-in-one toweling item also cuts down on your towel laundry, and reduces staff clean up time!

ConviRobe™ is also brandable for your own business ensuring that they won’t go missing, and already come in a range of fun personalities that your customers will enjoy and buy.

(*) Styles seen in pictures are currently in stock and made in Turkey from 100% Aegean Turkish cotton

If you offer a Pool service, showers, IR sauna, or any service that requires a client to use a towel or robe, now you can offer a truly one-of-a-kind garment that customers will not forget, will aid to return visitors, allow you to add to your sales, and save on cheap towel purchases and staff clean up time.

Sauna operators have already told us that ConviRobe™ is not only popular among their clients, but they also sell them through a Point of Sale display that adds to their bottom line.

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